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I started filming at the age of twelve. Being able to tell stories by choosing your frame carefully has always fascinated me. I have been shooting full-time since 2003.


Creating an atmosphere with light is what I like to do. I love directional soft light, working with old-fashioned sources. I like working within the production limits. Sometimes lighting a scene with one source works better than using a truckload.

I Movement

I like working handheld as much as I like to grip a film. Choosing what’s best for the project is always a challenge. I travelled the world without even carrying a tripod but also love using the bigger solutions, like a telescopic crane.

I Stories

Narrative, documentary or commercial work. Translating the story into a visual experience is all a director of photography is about. It’s about content and not about technique. Although I really love to work with all kinds of different cameras en lenses. I travelled the globe and the seven seas to Malawi, Tanzania, Japan, Nepal, Australia, Mauritius, Brazil, Argentina, Abu Dhabi, Suriname, Panama, Egypt, Across the USA, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Canada and of course all over Europe.