Circus Noël

This children's feature film will premiere in early spring 2019. A wonderful journey with the lovely characters already known from the series broadcasted in 2017 by National Broadcaster AVROTROS.

The Film

A great road-movie like circus film that revolves around a small family that get’s herself into trouble accepting a great challenge. The series broadcasted during the winter holiday’s but this story is set in summer. Three young and talented actors lead the way in this high-paced story.

The Idea

The ‘world’ of Circus Noël was already present in the former television series. But director Dennis Bots and producer Michiel Bartels wanted a slightly lifted feel to it, like the series ‘on steroids’. It had to feel familiar but at the same time they wanted to add a pinch of ‘larger then life’ to it to make sure the story would translate well to the big screen,

The Solution

Choosing a more gripped approach and working with wide lenses ensured the feeling Dennis was after. It meant using a lot of dolly work by key-grip Wesley Westerhuis and we added a few telescopic cranes when needed. The warm feeling with a vintage touch was delivered by Cooke and the Alexa Mini proved a excellent workhorse during production. Working on location and studio as well meant we had to match the different environments. Shooting during a very wet summer proved to be a challenge but I think we managed to make it look nice.

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