Het Mooiste Komt Nog

A 60 minute documentary from director Renee Span produced by Blackframe for dutch broadcaster BOS.

The Film

Director Renee Span lost her father in an accident many years ago. She never really knew him and trough this documentary film she tries to reconstruct the image of her father trough interviews with people who knew him and old footage in her own, and may other archives. You can watch the entire film at the NPO website uitzendinggemist.nl

The Idea

We wanted to give the film an analogue and human feel, especially in the sequences where Renee combines old footage with newly shot footage in a video collage.

The Solution

Working with old Cooke Panchro series II and III lenses from the 50’s and 60’s, carefully selected by Edwin from rental house Het Raam, ensured the analogue feel. We didn’t want things to look polished and therefore we worked with available light. The film itself is graded by Maurik the Ridder @ studio BEP and the short edit made especially for this website is graded by Pepijn Klijs @ studio Oudegracht. You can watch the trailer here or see the entire film at uitzendinggemist.nl

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