Jon Fosse

A film about the work of Jon Fosse. Directed by Ellen Blom and produced by Elisabeth Kleppe and co-produced by Annemiek van de Hell. Still in the development phase but to cool not to write about :-)

The Film

A hydbrid film that explores the wonderful work of Norwegian writer Jon Fosse. Fictional parts of the novel ‘Morning and Evening’ are mixed with documentary parts. The film is still in the development phase but we already shot a trailer.

The Idea

The world of Jon Fosse is unique due to it’s archetypical characters and seemingly simple way of writing. Trying to capture the feeling of his work is no easy task. To create an atmosphere where the fictional and factional are not separated but feel integrated visually was the main objective.

The Solution

Travelling to Norway with the remarkable director Ellen Blom we made a small team with Norwegian producer Elisabeth Kleppe. We shot with the Alexa Mini in 4:3 to be able to make the most of the Vintage Kowa Anamorphic lenses and be flexible at the same time. Only available light is what we were after. Supported by Storyline rental and Color graded by talented colorist Pepijn Klijs @ Studio Oudegracht.

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