A Hybrid between a documentary and a dance-film that takes you on a journey of imagination. The main character is 80 year old Ruth, a former dancer. Together with her and a great selection of choreographers, dancers and artists she explores the proces of imagination. Selected for the 'Gouden Kalf' competition in 2019. The film will premiere on the festival this fall.

The Film

This interesting hybrid asked for a completely different approach. Mixing documentary scenes with fictional dance in exterior and interior locations proved to be a challenge. The film had to feel like a single journey but consists of many different environments and characters.

The Idea

Choosing a specific look for the film helped creating a feeling of a parallel universe. Seeking lenses, filters and looks that supported the story proved to be a fun challenge. The limited budget made us think outside the box.

The Solution

We chose many different solutions to tell the story. Handheld, tripod, technocrane, movi and dolly where all in the mix. P+S evolution 2X anamorphic’s ensured a great looked combined with proper mechanics

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