A short film by director Joris van den Berg produced by Sanne and Camiel at Blackframe Amsterdam

The Film

Pien is a story about a little girl playing on the street. She encounters a strange man but seems to have no fear of him. Joris van den Berg directed this film and wanted it to look simple, sunny and warm but with a slight ‘unheimisch’ feel to it. 

The Idea

Shooting available light we choose to make as much of the sun as we could. This meant waiting and waiting for exactly the right angle. A was a bit of a gamble but it worked out great. The stranger looks quite mysterious and the little girl can hardly see him. This adds to the feeling something isn’t right.

The Solution

Shooting with Cooke lenses ensured a beautiful flare. Working with big butterfly’s and mirrors helped us achieve a consistent look during the whole day.

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