Point Taken

Point Taken is a series of short dance films supported by Mediafonds, Cinedans and the dutch broadcaster NTR. This film is created by choreographer Klaus Jürgens and director Camiel Zwart and produced by Blackframe. The film premiered during Cinedans 2015 in Eye.

The Film

This film is about a Japanese Railway officer who suddenly finds himself trapped in a world where his signs and instructions no longer work.

The Idea

Choreographer Klaus Jürgens and director Camiel Zwart worked together closely on this one. I supported them by creating different looks for each part of the story. It all begins in a big opening scene shot in a white limbo, then moves to a subway station somewhere in Japan. In the third part our character is dropped in a deserted world and in the fourth part he thinks of himself as unbeatable Manga character. 4 different looks is a lot for a short film but the character takes you along on his journey as he struggles his way back to the “normal” world.

The Solution

Shooting in a big studio for the first part we opted for using a big crane with a remote head to be able to shoot in an efficient way. For the second part we choose to work handheld. The Amira and the Cooke mini S4 lenses proofed a great choice for the unsaturated and contrasty look we where after. We shot available light most of the time using the unique latitude of the camera. For the parts in the subway I teamed up with gaffer Bert Hogenes and one of the biggest suppliers of coloured light Rentall to turn the Rotterdam Subway into a Japanese Manga experience.

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