Short film Daniël screened at more than 20 international film festivals all over the world. At the Amsterdam Shortcutz Festival 2014 Daniël won 'Best Cinematography'!

The Film

Daniël is a poetic 8 minute film wich tells the coming-of-age story of a teenage boy who finds his first love on a summer day. The boy meets a girl but finds himself attracted to the girl’s brother. A small love story unfolds. Like in a dream the reality of the surroundings disappears, leaving the mysterious beauty of a sweet memory.

The Idea

We didn’t want to use any words. Telling the story as simple as we could and creating an atmosphere that would suit the story. Leaving room for the actors to act and supporting them with a unique look.

The Solution

Only using fixed frames, as few as possible, working with available light as much as we could. Using the ARRI Alexa’s maximum latitude and the nice flaring capabilities of Cooke lenses. The film was awarded with ‘Best Cinematography’ at the Shortcutz Festival Amsterdam 2014 in EYE Amsterdam.

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