Emma & Eva

Emma & Eva is a short film directed by Vincent fitz Jim. The story is about two sisters and one of them appears te be more evil then meets the eye...

The Film

A thriller written by director Vincent Fitz Jim about two sisters. One of them goes through great lengths to get what she wants, even if it means hurting her little sister… Shooting indoor and outdoor with a tight schedule worked out fine with the help of a great crew.

The Idea

We wanted the film to have a very specific look. Clinical and glossy, but also dark in the shadows and filled with the color of hate: green. We choose to create a almost ‘monochrome’ look to have full control over the feeling of the images.

The Solution

We opted for ARRI Ultra primes because they tend to be a bit more clinical and sharp. Lighting the actresses quite soft makes them look harmless at first glance. By adding the ‘green’ feel to it in color correction with the Nucoda Filmmaster we finalized the look for this film.

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