Rudolph is a forester. Whenever Rudolph decides a tree has to be cut down, he marks it by staining its bark with red paint. With a single stroke of paint, Rudolph decides whether a tree stands or falls. One day, Rudolph goes out to the forest to examine an old, incredibly large tree. Suddenly, Rudolph isn’t that sure of the decision he made the night before. When Rudolph wakes up the following morning, everything has changed...

The Film

A slightly eerie fairytale told by director Ellen Blom who loves to work with strange personas and weird worlds. No words where used so the story had to be brought alive by images. Although it’s not my first interest I decided to also produce this film because I felt it had to be made.

The Idea

The film starts off quite light en colorful. With emphasis of the beauty of the forest and it’s inhabitants. Later on the film gets darker and less saturated and you get the feeling something is not quite right…

The Solution

Working with moderate focal lengths in he first part of the film and then, when the story unfolds, making good use of the wider and longer focal lengths and evolving from heavily gripped shots towards more handheld work, the viewers get an ‘inside’ look in Rudolf’s head en go slightly mad with him.

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