VPRO Zenith Season 2 (8 X 25 min) is a sequal series for the younger crowds on public broadcaster NPO 3. Produced by long-time production company Lemming film and directed by the talented Joost van Hezik.

The Film

The second season of  VPRO Zenith is a scifi youth series packed with suspense and action scenes. We get to learn a whole new world and our main characters struggle while trying to find their way, and each other. 8 X 25 minutes with lots of special effects and practical stunts and great performances!

The Idea

This season was shot in the Netherlands while aiming for a morge international feel. Seeking brutalist locations and deserted powerplants mixed with a 70’s vibe  gave the series a slightly more ‘grown up’ look. We wanted to created a look that would elevate our world without loosing touch of it. Making sure it would be dream-like and scifi without sacrifacing the identification of the audience.

The Solution

Choosing the Alexa Mini paired with Cooke S4’s ensured a slight vintage look and soft while also being the workhorse package we needed. Working with Key Grip Peter van Vught unlocked a world of possibility’s for this production. We could get the camera everywhere we wanted using Mövi, flyline, technocrane, sliders, carmount and dollies. Hijacking al lamp-posts proved a challenge for the light team but being able to create our own bold color-scheme turned out really nice.

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