TVC for client NTI directed by Warnel Krol and produced by Endemol Design & Graphics.

The Film

Director Warner Krol made a detailed moving storyboard. Extremely colourful, like the branding of NTI, Warner was looking for possibilities to adapt that feeling to this TVC. The commercial being the first big film for this specific client made is especially important to live up to the storyboard.


The Idea

Making sure that all the NTI colours came back in the sets we ensured this colourful look. Warner liked the idea of adding a bit of subtle movement to the images without exaggerating it. We opted for a subtle and old fashioned ‘dolly-zoom’.

The Solution

Lighting the big colorful pieces in the set from the direction of the camera resulted in a very colour-bright feel. Working with the ‘dolly-zoom’ effect by programming a digital system, tracking the movement of the dolly and translating it to the motor connected to the lens, creating subtle and repeatable moves.

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