De Kuthoer

De Kuthoer is a modern thriller with a absurdist twist by director Ivo van Aart. Made for the annual 'Telefilm' timeslot for the main dutch broadcaster BNN/VARA with the wonderful Katja Herbers in the lead.

The Film

A film about a columnist who gets haunted by internet trolls every single day. One day she decides it has to stop and she starts taking matters into her own hand.

The Idea

Creating a world that has a ‘normal’ feel to it but also creates the feeling of a character being haunted was the challenge for this film. The main character had to be believable in her own environment but at the same time we wanted to create a different world at night where the film takes its absurdist twist. The limited budget of 800 grand was quite a challenge for a big story like this.

The Solution

We choose a gripped approach to this film to give it a classic feel. Working with the brand new Sigma FF Primes on the ARRI gave us a clean and modern look. In grading the film got a bold look with lush greens and deep blue’s in the blacks and a warm feel for the skintones to create a interesting contrast. Gaffer Stijn Jonkhart once again joined the team. First AC Isabelle Wubben did a wonderful job at T1.5 and the solid grip of Bjorn Schuhmacher worked awesome. Grading was done at filmmore by Erik Demeris.

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