Kalveren voor Hendrik Groen

This award winning brand new series for public broadcaster NPO1 is all about the bestselling book about 83 year old Hendrik Groen. 12 episodes of 30 minutes premiered in 2017 aiming for the bigger crowds on the nation's number one channel. It got an average of more than 2.5 million viewers and a marketshare of 42%. The series got awarded in 2018 with a 'Gouden Kalf' award for 'best dramaseries' and 'best leading actor'. In 2019 Season 2 has received raving reviews and kept the big audience and marketshare.

The Film

This brand new award winning series premiered October 2018 on major broadcaster NPO1 and is all about the bestselling novel ‘The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen’. The wonderful 83 year old Hendrik Groen lives in a elderly home and decides to shake things up!

The Idea

Creating the world of Hendrik Groen for the screen was no easy task. Director Tim Oliehoek teamed up with creator Peter de Smet, writer Martin van Waardenberg and creative producer Anton Smit to make the story work on the screen. Art director Barbara Westra came on board and together with her we created the look for this series. Lensing this story involved a lot of different style’s of storytelling since it’s a dramady. I loved working on this brand new format and got to love the story about this old man and his friends.

The Solution

Working with Gaffer Stijn Jonkhart I developed different lighting style’s throughout the season. As the story unfolds the lighting moods evolve with it through the episodes. Staying close to reality but sometimes taking a bold step into a more dramatic approach. Shot on Cooke primes for their ‘human’ look and Fujinon Zooms when the elderly crowds hit the action! The still is made by Elmer van den Marel.

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