Locked Out

A brand new roller-coaster series for the online channels of public broadcaster KRO NCRV. Directed by Ivo van Aart and produced by NL film.


The Film

A brand new series for broadcaster KRONCRV exclusively for the online crowds. Our main Character Souraya is haunted by a hacker. Once he has her password things start to spiral out of control with the flick of a switch…

The Idea

Creating a world around Souraya in three different timelines we wanted to make sure the audience follows the high pace action every step of the way. Making big differences instead of subtle ones seemed especially important since the series is aiming at the younger crowds.

The Solution

Choosing a bold mix of 4:3, 16:9 and 1:2.39 ascpect ratio’s and mixing different period lenses did the trick. At any time you can feel where you are in the story. Although we had a tight budget we were able to squeeze out a few Technocranes, dolly’s, drone’s and Mövi scenes thanks to some clever scheduling and an amazing camera- and light crew with lovely people who supported the look all the way.

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