Net als in de Film

'Net als in de Film' by directors Albert Jan van Rees and Dorien Goertzen is a brand new feature for the big screen. Lot's of music, fun and romance set in the 80's and 90's.

The Film

Set in the 80’s and 90’s an 00’s this romantic musical takes you on a ride trough different decades. We see a couple struggling to get together from high school throughout their musical careers. The different period’s in their life have a different feel and different color scheme. You see them growing into adults as we go along. Musical numbers provide dynamics but also deliver look into the hearts of the characters.

The Idea

We decided to develop three slightly different looks. They had zo support the different era’s but had to be ‘family’ off each other at the same time. ┬áThe ensemble cast had to look good but we we’re looking for a slight edge to keep things interesting.

The Solution

We opted for Cooke S4’s in the 80’s, Cooke Anamorphic for the 90’s an 00’s. Different LUT’s and filters completed the look. Colorist Bart Verraest did a wonderful job creating these looks at STORM. Using a mix of grip and handheld work we ensured a little edge to the film, making sure things where not all glossy and slick. We where not afraid to make expressive use of colour and together with wonderful gaffer Tinus Dam we pushed to give each segment a different look. Programming DMX light and pyro in advance saved us a lot of time on set and created an elevated look for some songs.

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