"Uitgesproken", directed and produced by the twins Dylan and Laszlo Tonk is a short film made for educational purposes. It's about young people exploring their sexuality and how their friends cope with that.

The Film

Uitgesproken is about two friends. One of them explores his sexuality and finds himself to be gay. His best friend has to cope with that fact and that doesn’t come easy…

The Idea

Making a film for adolescents makes you realize you have to make extra clear which story you are telling. We wanted a unique look without it being distracting from the story that had to be told.

The Solution

Telling the story as simple as we could in terms of shots we laid emphasis on atmosphere, color and location. We chose to shoot with one of my favorite setups: the Arri Alexa with Cooke’s. That way we had a ‘blank canvas’ and where able to make the most of the available light.

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