tommyteen 18

tommyteen 18 is the now short film by director Vincent Fitz Jim. A small story about a 15 year old boy finding it's way in modern online dating. The film premiered on the 'Roze Film Dagen' in 2017.

The Film

This short film tells the story about a 15 year old boy who explores the world of online dating. Traped between boy- and manhood he tries to find his way.

The Idea

Director Vincent Fitz Jim and I teamed up after the succes of Daniƫl a few years ago. Essentially telling a similar story but placed in a much rougher environment of Amsterdam placed in the here and now.

The Solution

Working with a extremely small crew with no budget whatsoever the challenge was to make the most of the available light. Super Speeds MK1 did a beautiful job on this one. Combined with the very sensitive sony F5 they were the perfect tool for the job.

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